Creekside Behavioral Health: A High Quality Facility


Mel K Whaley Interviews Jim Shaheen. Founder and President of Strategic Behavioral Health & Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Brandon Wardell on the New Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Acute Care Hospital, Partial Hospital, and IOP Care Facility. This facility has utilized creative strategic planning to design a facility with human factors engineering for the Mental Health and Substance Abuse population, at the same time, created an environment where their workforce can thrive. This facility uses performance improvement action plans and strategies to increase their patient outcomes. They believe in taking care of their staff and creating a climate for better performance which in turn, takes better care of patients. They believe in the philosophy, “Work Together, Rise Together,” by making a priority to work with other levels of care to increase better continuum of care and actually incorporate a, “Warm hand-off,” to other levels of care instead of just leaving the seeking in the dark. TABizTalk is pleased to highlight and advocate for this provider as a high-quality treatment facility.