Season 1: Episode 10: David Stoecker, The HOPE DEALER 15min Listen


Today on Resilient Radio Podcast… we have a Hope Dealer in Longterm Recovery, a man of faith by the name of David Stoecker. Stoecker has held many positions helping those battling addiction. Currently, he is: -Coordinator of Advocacy and Education Outreach at Missouri Recovery Network -Co-Founder of Springfield Recovery Community Center -Director, Founder, and Speaker at Better Life in Recovery, Inc.

One of David’s first memories is being molested by a babysitter. He grew up living with his father who drank a lot. David got dropped off at his Grandfather’s around the 5th grade. He got beaten and suffered much abuse living there. His Father finally got sober and gained custody of him in the summer before 7th grade began. It was during that time then was introduced to marijuana and alcohol. It wasn’t long before Stoecker realized that he could numb the pain from the trauma he had been through. He speaks of his journey to God and how he found true healing. Listen to David Stoecker tell his transitional story of Recovery on Resilient Radio Podcast!! Music, Community, and Love!!