An insider with Becky Haas, Trauma-Informed Care, & ACEs with Podcast Host Alexia Georghiou: 44 min Listen


Hello, I am Alexia Georghiou, The Founder of Life Betterment Through God. Today we had the honor of hearing Becky Haas tell her story of how she is impacting her city. Becky Haas serves as the Trauma-Informed Administrator for Ballad Health working within the division of Population Health. 

She is a seasoned public speaker addressing both professional and faith-based audiences. In August of 2017, she published her first book, Your City is Waiting on You and in 2019, Becky co-authored, Building a Trauma-Informed Community Toolkit for the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services which since has been endorsed by the international online journal, ACEs Connection in their publication Growing Resilient Communities 2.1.

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Alexia Georghiou
Founder of The Knoxville Happiness Coalition & Life Betterment Through God
Becky Haas
Trauma-Informed Administrator/National Presenter on Trauma-Informed Care/Developing Systems of Care