The Tennessee Governor Prioritizes Behavioral Health Recommends @ $33 million



$7,571,800           Children’s Behavioral Health Safety Net

$6,000,000           Uninsured adult substance abuse treatment

$4,000,000           Wrap around addiction supports to uninsured adults

$3,583,000           Continued expansion of Creating Homes Initiative across state MI & A&D

$354,300              Mobile Crisis Services Expansion

$900,000              Creating Jobs Initiative Expansion

$1,000,000           Addiction Recovery Program

$625,000              Criminal Justice Expansion

$3,014,300           School-Based Behavioral Health Liaison Expansion

$330,700              System of Care Across Tennessee (SOCAT)

$119,000              Director of School Engagement

$83,200                Office of Housing and Homeless Services

$101,300              Suicide Prevention Programs Program Director

$125,300              Juvenile Justice Program Director

$250,000              Major Maintenance

$238,700              Rent for new Regional Intervention Program



$250,000,000     School Behavioral Health Trust Fund. Income to provide schools resources to hire school-based mental health professionals