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Growing Up Without the Culture of Your DNA?

"If people are not resilient enough to bounce the negative conditioning of the world off of their own backs and rise above it, I feel we will always be at war with filling our mind space and time up with negative reaction instead of filling it up with positive action that can truly progress our own lives.

Habits of the Mind, Habits of Health and Communication

Today's Talk is ~ Making It a Habit ~ TO MAKE HABITS♡ By creating new healthier habits, we can ultimately create a better pathway to the future. Before we can identify unhealthy habits, we must understand who we are and where we want to be.

The Tennessee Governor Prioritizes Behavioral Health Recommends @ $33 million

ALLOCATION $7,571,800           Children’s Behavioral Health Safety Net $6,000,000           Uninsured adult substance abuse treatment

An insider with Becky Haas, Trauma-Informed Care, & ACEs with Podcast...

https://youtu.be/DKuc4u-CKG4 https://youtu.be/DKuc4u-CKG4 Hello, I am Alexia...