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Missions from Pain | Tennessee Advocacy Talk TAT

Three years ago, we were robbed. Being robbed leaves you feeling vulnerable. You feel invaded. Your sense of security is gone. You lose trust. No,...

Tennessee Advocacy Talk Featured in Cityview Magazine

Tennessee Advocacy Talk featured in Cityview Magazine. Services from the heart. Reach out and learn about how we can help you.

Fatherlessness | Tennessee Advocacy Talk TAT

 Where is dad? Why doesn't he want to be here? What did I do wrong? These questions always run in the background of a...

Breaking Free | Tennessee Advocacy Talk TAT

 My Poem "She was bound by fear, by the internal and external voices repeating all the reasons she should stop swimming.  Her feet had become anchors that kept pulling her...

Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid | Tennessee Advocacy Talk TAT

 What makes people not want to stick up for what is ethical?..... Well a lot. Sure, we all have anonymous hotlines and ethical call...