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Creative David Cunningham |Art for Societal Awareness

Art is an outlet and through this outlet is where it can help society understand different perspectives to help positive change ignite. We look forward to seeing more of David's creations and hope it can inspire yours.

TN Law REQUIRES ALL persons to make a report when they...

Click Here to Submit a Child Abuse Referral in Tennessee Is the situation a life-threatening emergency?

The Tennessee Governor Prioritizes Behavioral Health Recommends @ $33 million

ALLOCATION $7,571,800           Children’s Behavioral Health Safety Net $6,000,000           Uninsured adult substance abuse treatment

An insider with Becky Haas, Trauma-Informed Care, & ACEs with Podcast...

https://youtu.be/DKuc4u-CKG4 https://youtu.be/DKuc4u-CKG4 Hello, I am Alexia...

“In the Valley I Grow”

Sometimes life seems hard to bear. Full of sorrow, trouble, and woe. It's then I have to remember, that it's in the...

Missions from Pain | Tennessee Advocacy Talk TAT

Three years ago, we were robbed. Being robbed leaves you feeling vulnerable. You feel invaded. Your sense of security is gone. You lose trust. No,...

Tennessee Advocacy Talk Featured in Cityview Magazine

Tennessee Advocacy Talk featured in Cityview Magazine. Services from the heart. Reach out and learn about how we can help you.

Fatherlessness | Tennessee Advocacy Talk TAT

 Where is dad? Why doesn't he want to be here? What did I do wrong? These questions always run in the background of a...

Inspiring Story: Thomas Cook, Uniting Churches to Fight the Opioid Crisis...

Churches are the most underutilized resource our community has. See how one man is changing that and get your community churches to unite.