Season 1: Episode 9: MAKE RECOVERY THE EPIDEMIC with Victor Estrada


Today we have Recovery Warrior Victor Estrada!!! He is fighting on the front lines of this “War on Drugs.”

He is an active board member of Recovery Alliance and Homeless Outreach.

Estrada uses social media to connect with others and is making his mark in time by helping those seeking support and resources to find their path to freedom.

Victor, like many others, thought he was destined to nothing more than criminal gang activity, addiction, and prison. 

Listen in.. to Victor Estrada as he tells us his powerful Recovery story and what he is doing to give back on Resilient Radio Podcast!!! Music, Community, and Love.

Resilient Radio Podcast is a mission-driven passion of Daphne D Wallis. Daphne is in recovery from mental illness and substance use disorder and also has a passion for music. Daphne’s guests have the commonality for the love of music to help them gain resiliency.

Listen to the inspiring stories her guest unfold and see if you feel a sense of resiliency in your life.

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