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The Flying Nun

If you have a dream, never let anyone else decide that you shouldn’t pursue it. Walt Disney said, If you can dream it, you can do it!.

How Food Choices Affect Mental Wellness

Mental wellness, a relatively new concept, has become increasingly challenging for many Americans.

Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence TNCPE 2020

MEL K WHALEY APPOINTEDTO 2020 TNCPE BOARD OF EXAMINERS NASHVILLE, Tenn.— Mel K Whaley, President for Tennessee Advocacy Talk,...

Growing Up Without the Culture of Your DNA?

"If people are not resilient enough to bounce the negative conditioning of the world off of their own backs and rise above it, I feel we will always be at war with filling our mind space and time up with negative reaction instead of filling it up with positive action that can truly progress our own lives.

Creative David Cunningham |Art for Societal Awareness

Art is an outlet and through this outlet is where it can help society understand different perspectives to help positive change ignite. We look forward to seeing more of David's creations and hope it can inspire yours.

Tn Department of Children’s Services Resource Guide

You Can Help Prevent Child Abuse. Download the Resource Guide Prevent Child Abuse Dear Fellow Tennesseans,