Laurel Church of Christ: A Recovery Supported Church


Laurel Church of Christ located in Knoxville, Tn, is truly a great example of what a church can do for people in Recovery. They welcome with open arms and a judgement free zone for everyone. Using the Life Recovery Bible, they hold events with music and support for those struggling with addiction or trying to stay in Recovery.

There is a stigma where people in Recovery do not feel like they can enter a church for support. It is like they have to be a certain kind of, “Good.” Heather, Penny, and Mike discuss how this stigma does not exist at their church and how they lead their mission to help others from Love.

If you are seeking a community and even family for support during whatever struggle you may be going through, just know, Laurel Church of Christ will welcome you with open arms and a judge free mind. If you are a church looking to strengthen your program or start a program of your own, please reach out because Laurel Church of Christ’s program is one to model from.

Third Step Ministry is the name of their Recovery Program and it is held every Tuesday with dinner and a Support Group. Anyone is welcome: Churches can really help people in Recovery when they are truly Judge Free…and per Heather in the video no,” Bible Thumping!”

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