Creative David Cunningham |Art for Societal Awareness

Societal Awareness through Film 2020

Art for Societal Awareness

With every day changing the world, the Covid19 Pandemic, the Riots, and Trauma created from it all, Knoxvillian Creative, David Cunningham, uses his Art for Societal Awareness in this short documentary-style film, ” Casualties of War.”

David is a Veteran and Creative from Knoxville, Tennessee. As an Editor and Cinematographer with RedCape Entertainment, his expression of art raises Societal Awareness.

Putting viewers in perspective, this short entails a vision of the experience one may have during this traumatic period of 2020 and the fears of where it may be in the future. The transitions, music, and temperament are carefully put together. One can be quickly drawn in from the effort of the film’s techniques and skills. Happy to see, the storyline and progression from the first clip to the last clip are engaging.

The inspiration to create art during this trying time in all our lives is truly remarkable and humbling. If you feel inspired, then create not suppress.

Art is an outlet and through this outlet is where it can help society understand different perspectives to help positive change ignite. We look forward to seeing more of David’s creations and hope it can inspire yours.

To find more out about David Cunningham, please visit his YouTube Channel:

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