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Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Take a moment now to reflect on your life and childhood. Perhaps it was pleasant for the most part. Maybe you were lucky enough to grow up in a loving home with caring parents or guardians as you developed into an adult. Perhaps you took a vacation to the beach or mountains once or...
Bobbi is a grieving mom, published author of two books about losing her teenage son to depression, a guest speaker, and an advocate for suicide awareness and prevention. On Friday, February 24th, the our former community in N. Texas, was once again impacted by mental health. This time, an...
Slow Suicide. Some might hear the harsh talk all too much labeling people in or even out of recovery as addicts, dope heads, junkies, tweakers. There is so much negative stigma and even harder to swallow if it is someone you love. It is sort of like a...



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