I am Special: I Have the Will to Win!


Have you tried to be happy, but, remembering the mistakes that you’ve done in the past and your weaknesses, makes you to be sad instead? Have you felt isolated and ignored? Do you want to have a renewed life or start a new you but you don’t know how to begin?
Cheer up! You have all the chances. I want you to believe and understand that the best person in this world who can help you is no other than YOU.
Yes, it’s YOU.

Let me share some tips on how to become a CHAMPION in your life:

C-are for yourself

You are a special person. Regardless of your weaknesses, you are still special and unique. Most of the time, we seek the attention and love of those people around us. When they can’t give it, we are hurt. Sometimes, when we give love, we give all, we care wholeheartedly. When they can’t do in return, we are hurt. But, do you believe that if there’s a person who could show the best attention and who could give the best care to yourself in this world is no other than yourself? Yes. It’s true.
Love and show care to yourself. Treat yourself as special. Make yourself beautiful or good-looking, eat the best foods, do exercise, and wear clothes that makes you confident, and give yourself enough sleep to make your body refreshed. If they can’t appreciate you? Be the one to appreciate yourself. Smile and say in front of a mirror, “You are beautiful” or “You are good-looking”. As you say it, you’ll develop a high self-esteem and will feel special.
As you learn to love yourself, people around you will be attracted. They want to be with your company or they want to be your friend or special someone. When you care yourself, eventually, you will also develop a compassion and care to other people. So, care and love yourself.

H-appiness depends on you

Most people depend their happiness to other people. Yes, we are happy when other people are good to us, when we have the stuff that we wanted, or when we received the attention that we need. On the other hand, if those expectations are not met, we experience the opposite. We feel lonely, useless, and isolated. We feel depressed and unwanted. Happiness is largely depend upon us. Think that there is always a hope for you to be happy, to be successful, and to rise above the blues. When we are grateful of what we have, a happy heart also follows.
Sometimes, what makes you sad is when you don’t forgive ourselves. You need to leave the past, live at the present and prepare for the future. Let not your mistakes hinder your happiness. Forgive yourself, improve yourself and be happy.

A-ttitude matters in every situation

With the tremendous challenges I experienced in my life, I learned that I may not control the circumstances, yet I can control my attitude in facing them. Positive attitude is what we need in order to fight depression, loneliness, stress, and anxiety. If you feel sad right now, you need to help yourself. Change that feeling with positive attitude. Negative attitude sometimes dominates you, but you have the will to shift that feeling to positive attitude.
Overcoming a weakness, also takes a positive attitude. Sometimes, we have a difficulty overcoming a bad habit or bad attitude, but keep on trying. Have the will to change for the better. Remember, no one can do it for you. Push yourself and have the courage to face life situations with good attitude.

M-ulti-talented you: discover and develop

Do you believe that you are endowed with talents and skills? You have them, you just need to discover and develop them. There might be times that you focus to what others possess and you can’t avoid comparing yourself to them. But, if you learn to appreciate yourself and discover your talents, you will realize that you are special and unique.
Talents don’t only mean knowing how to play piano or piano well. Having the ability to understand others and being friendly to others are also talents. So, discover your talents now, develop them then share to others.

P-roactive mindset: trademark of a champion

Being proactive is creating or responding to a situation in a positive manner. There might be times that you were criticized and humiliated. So, you were hurt and cried. Learn to be courageous enough to face the circumstance by being proactive. What does a proactive person do in this situation? If you are proactive, you will not react negatively but think how you respond positively. Meaning, you should not be affected by the situation. Instead of crying and getting angry, maybe you could talk calmly to the person and ask why he told that to you.
Being proactive is a good character of a champion. Don’t let a situation destroy you, be proactive instead. Say good things about you to yourself will help you develop being proactive.

I-ntegrity at all times

If there is a good character in this world which is always applicable to a champion, that is the value of integrity. This is being honest to all your dealings with other people. You may not have everything but if you have integrity, those people around you will trust you.
Sometimes, you are focused to your flaws and you forget to appreciate your integrity. Also, we think of the material things we don’t possess and the failures we experienced in the past that we tend to forget the good side in our personality. This is attracting negative vibes in our lives. Remember, that practicing integrity will attract opportunities and success to your life. This is true to all aspects of life.

O-ptimism for a brighter tomorrow

Optimism is a sense of being hopeful for the future. It involves a positive mental attitude in all circumstances. Challenges test your faith and confidence to yourself and having the spirit of optimism, you will think and hope for a better tomorrow. I may not know how terrible your problems are now, but as you face it with optimism, everything will be fine. Keep trying, be believing, things will work out. Again, cultivate the spirit of optimism.

N-ever give up! Push yourself!

All of us experience failures and sadness. Despite our efforts, there are times that still we don’t make it. But remember, behind all of these situations, we still have the will to move on, have courage and start all over again. Challenges, whether financially, emotionally, psychologically or mentally, will refine you to be a better person which will result to a better you.
It’s not yet too late, start all over again, plan your life then work for it. Never give up because a person who doesn’t give up will have his reward.
Life is what we make it. Your future, success and happiness depend on you. Stop punishing yourself because you deserve to be happy.
Remember, you are unique and special. Start making your dreams a reality. Plan on how to improve yourself little by little. It may not be perfect at first, but try and try until you succeed. It’s not yet over until you win, until you become a champion! You can do it! Always think, “I am special and I have the will to win.”