Season 1 Episode 8: Music as a Way to Help Others with Jam Alker: 26:25 min listen


26:25 Minute Listen: Our next guest is Jam Alker, of the Jam Alker Band.

Alker is a rising star in the music industry that is gaining attention not for just his talent but also for his embarking journey of self-discovery and helping people who struggle with addiction.

As a child, Alker grew up in domestic violence and that played a heavy role in his life.

He spent years battling a heroin addiction and often turned to sex, attention, and fame to feel the emptiness he carried.

During the height of his addiction, he put his guitar down.

He eventually found himself sick and in search of something much bigger than himself to get him well.

Alker’s life finally began to change. He picked up the guitar and set out on a mission to help others seeking Recovery.

It doesn’t stop there. Jam went on a “life tour” sharing his story and music wherever he can.

His story has been featured on CBS News, Google Headquarters and just got signed with Sony Records.

Listen up as Jam Alker shares in-depth, his story on Resilient Radio Podcast.

Resilient Radio Podcast is a mission-driven passion of Daphne D Wallis. Daphne is in recovery from mental illness and substance use disorder and also has a passion for music. Daphne’s guests have the commonality for the love of music to help them gain resiliency.

Listen to the inspiring stories her guest unfold and see if you feel a sense of resiliency in your life.

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