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Creative David Cunningham |Art for Societal Awareness

Art is an outlet and through this outlet is where it can help society understand different perspectives to help positive change ignite. We look forward to seeing more of David's creations and hope it can inspire yours.

Tn Department of Children’s Services Resource Guide

You Can Help Prevent Child Abuse. Download the Resource Guide Prevent Child Abuse Dear Fellow Tennesseans,

TN Law REQUIRES ALL persons to make a report when they...

Click Here to Submit a Child Abuse Referral in Tennessee Is the situation a life-threatening emergency?

“In the Valley I Grow”

Sometimes life seems hard to bear. Full of sorrow, trouble, and woe. It's then I have to remember, that it's in the...

Current Insight: TN Juvenile Justice Reform 2018

Link to the bill The Reforming Juvenile Justice Act of 2018 is one of the Governor’s bills being sponsored by Republicans Representative David Hawk and Senator...

TN Juvenile Justice Reform No More? Part II

  The closer I have gotten to this subject and the omnibill that was supposed to bring reform, the more frustrated I get. In spite...

You may not be homeless, but it is impacting your life….Jail...


Mel K Whaley interview with Gary Ensminger and Kevin Meadows from...


"Give Us a Chance"

Mel K Whaley interviews Ms. Desiree Bowers, Founder and CEO of Chance House of East Tennessee. A Transitional Living Program for those in recovery....